UPDATE 2019-10-14!!

The third edition of the TANGO MEGATRIP & SPA TO GREECE has come to an end, we are extremely grateful to all those who trusted our event, and we welcome everybody to its fourth edition, that will take place from 9 to 11 October 2020!!

[reminder: before booking your flight remember that we provide a bus to take you to the hotel and back, to use it you need to be in Thessaloniki before Friday 9:30, and leave after Sunday 18:00]

Tango Megatrip & spa to Greece IV (fourth edition!)



Three days, two nights, great venues + lessons + spa, all of these in a 5 star hotel on a greek beach!,

Hotel:  “Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa” (take a look at this beautiful hotel!)

Hotel included, breakfast included, dinner included, spa included, lessons included, milongas included!!

Check the details and early bird prices! Greece is waiting for you! 🙂


Until end of March Until end of June Later
in a single room

130€ per person

(two nights)

in a single room

140€ per person

(two nights)

in a single room

150€ per person

(two nights)

in a double room

100€ per person

(two nights)

in a double room

110€ per person

(two nights)

in a double room

120€ per person

(two nights)

in a triple room

90€ per person

(two nights)

in a triple room

100€ per person

(two nights)

in a triple room

110€ per person

(two nights)



 + 582 square meters dance floor, luxurious marble floor, space will not be an issue!

Friday the 9th of October 2020, you can't believe the buffet!

+ lesson              17:00 to 18:30,      intermediate level with Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrangelo (Arg.)

+ lesson              18:30 to 20:00,     advanced level with Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrangelo (Arg.)

+ dinner              19:00 to 21:30,    with an amazing buffet!

+ milonga           22:30 to 4:00,      Milonga de bienvenida! Dj Diego Mastrangelo (Arg.)

Saturday the 10th of October 2020, you are amazed at the nice atmosphere of the whole thing! (and the buffet!!)

+ breakfast         07:30 to 10:00,     again with an amazing variety!

+ free time!        10:00 to 11:00       (time to swim in the sea?)

+ mm milonga   11:00 to 13:00       (morning mini milonga)

+ free time!        13:00 to 14:00


+ lesson             17:00 to 18:30,      intermediate level with Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrangelo (Arg.)

+ lesson             18:30 to 20:00,     advanced level with Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrangelo (Arg.)

+ dinner            19:00 to 21:30,     with an amazing buffet!

+ milonga           22:30 to 4:00,     music that  inspires you! Dj Diego Mastrángelo

Sunday the 11th of October 2020, you really don't want to leave!, but we wait for you next time!! (remember the buffet!!) 🙂

+ breakfast         07:30 to 10:00,     again with an amazing variety!

+ free time!        10:00 to 11:00       (spa or the beach?)

+ mm milonga   11:00 to 13:00       (morning goodbye mini milonga)

+ free time!        13:00 to 14:00      (packing and greeting!) 🙂


1) Accommodation Fee of 4€ per room, per night, is applied from the Greek State as of 01/01/2018.

The Guest directly pays the fee to the Hotel’s Reception upon check in.


2) Money transaction costs (if any) must be paid by the sender (both, sender bank fee and receiving bank fee). Reservations will only apply if the entire amount is received (according to the Costs table up this page).

3) In case of cancellation,  80% of the deposit will be retained (you get back the 20%). In that case we suggest you find somebody that could be interested and sell the place you have already bought to him.


We provide a bus that will take you from the city center to the hotel and back.

Cost: 10€ per person.

Departure: Friday  9th of October, 11:30 in the morning, from the Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, (downtown Thessaloniki) See departure point on google maps

Arrival: Sunday  11th of October 2020, 16:00 to the Statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, (downtown Thessaloniki).

To reach the city center from the airport you take the X1 bus (or by night the N1), ticket costs 2€ per person. See the route on google maps


If for any reason you can not take advantage of our bus, you can reach the hotel by your own means:

  1. From the Airport, take the X1 bus (or by night the N1). It will leave you at the KTEL building (the bus ends there, it is a rounded shaped building, a long distances bus hub). Ticket price 2€.  Ride should last between half and one hour, depending on traffic. It will cross the entire city.
  2. From there, long distance bus to Katerini the city. Ticket price around 7€. Ride lasts about two hours.
  3. Taxi from Katerini the city, to Katerini the beach. Price 12-15€ depending on your face hahah (welcome to Greece!).
  4. So total cost only for going, would be 2€+7€+12€ = 21€ in the best case scenario.


First we need you to send us your preferences so we can calculate the total amount.

1) Your name and surname
2) Your companion’s name and surname.
3) The kind of room you would like to have (single, double or triple)
4) When would you like to check in (no problem if it is earlier), and when would you like to check out (date of those days)
5) Regarding the group lessons that are included in the price, you should tell us in which level you would want to participate (beginner-intermediate or intermediate-advanced)
6) Upon receiving this information, we will send you a bank account number where you can make the deposit according to the total amount we have given you.
Last!! Please have in mind before booking any flights, that we provide bus transportation from the city center to the Hotel and back.
You should be in Thessaloniki before Thursday 10:00 in the morning, and leave after Sunday 18:00. We offer it for 10€ only.

9 to 11 of October 2020  – TANGO MEGATRIP & SPA to GREECE – DETAILS


5 Star hotel “Mediterranean Village Hotel & Spa”(take a look at this beautiful hotel!!)



• Accommodation (double, single or triple room)
• Half board (breakfast and dinner) breakfast: 7:30-10:00, dinner: 19:00-21:30
• FREE use of the SPA ( indoor heated swimming pool, steam bath, sauna and fitness room). From 12:00 to 20:00 daily
• A tango lesson per day (Friday, Saturday) with Evi Anesti & Diego Mastrángelo (90 min duration)
• Entrance to the milongas with a drink (a glass of juice/beer/wine)
• Mini morning milonga on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 13:00!!
• FREE Wi-Fi and wired internet


• Reservations are considered valid after the correspondent fee has been deposited.
• Privilege view rooms -to the sea- (on ground floor or first floor) have an extra cost of 10€ per night.
• Check in: every day at 14:00, check out: Sunday at 12:00
• Lessons will be held as follows:

every day from 17:00 to 18:30 beginner/intermediate (Diego Mastrangelo & Evi Anesti)
every day from 18:30 to 20:00 intermediate/advanced (Diego Mastrangelo & Evi Anesti)

The goal of the lessons (which are not mandatory of course!) is to work on a subject during the three days, allowing a higher level of detail and understanding. All the material showed in the lessons will be explained at the end of each lesson for the attendees to film.

Single participants (leaders or followers) are welcome. We will do our best to match up single registrations according to the level you sign up to, but of course it is NOT A GUARANTEED Service. That is why it is always better to sign up with a partner to make sure you have THE ONE you wish to work with during classes.

• milongas start every evening at 22:30, end at 04:00 (on Saturday it ends at 5:00!)

• For those not staying at the hotel, costs are as follow:

Each lesson:  10€ – Entrance to each milonga with a drink (wine, beer or juice): 10€
Prepaid lessons or entrances cost 7€



• tel: 0030 6938847550 Diego
• facebook: La milonga sorpresa
• email: tango.trips2012@gmail.com
• site: http://tangood.com/

Come join us for a great tango weekend combined with the luxurious facilities of a 5* hotel!