Argentine Tango

Diego Mastrángelo

Diego Mastrángelo was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentine.

In 1994 he started his dance studies at the Municipal School of Dances “Jose Neglia” in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. He studied for a year with Aurelio and Delma, teachers that danced through the golden period of tango in Buenos Aires, breathing and making you breathe the authentic essence of  tango in each of their lessons.

After a year he started taking Osvaldo Coelho’s lessons. Osvaldo was renowned for his unique and aesthetic way of moving. He kept attending his lessons for a period of three years, during which he became his assistant.

After Osvaldo’s retirement, in 1998 he started teaching a reduced group of young students, in Caballito neighborhood.

In 1999 he met Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira and Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli and was taught the principles of the dance system known worldwide as “Cosmotango” (lately tango nuevo). The next year he performed  tango for the first time at the University of Buenos Aires -UBA.

He was invited to work as an assistant in the 1999, 2000 and 2001 International Argentine Tango Congress (CITA).

He continued his education with exceptional artist Cesar Coelho, and attended to several classes with many other renowned teachers. At the same time he was hired to perform three times a week in a exclusive cabaret of Recoleta neighborhood, until his departure in April 2001, when he traveled to Greece.

Between April and July 2001 he performed all over Greece together with Romina Tumini (Athens, Bolos, Larissa, Thessaloniki, Kabala, Lamia, Peloponese, Pilio and Crete).

That year he was selected to perform in the opera “Carmen” at Thessaloniki Music Hall, during November and December, and March 2002.

In 2002 Diego was chosen to be the protagonist of a TV commercial for the greek company “Pablidis”, for their product “Gioconda chocolats”, dancing tango. Watch

At the 2003 International Dance Research Congress (CID-UNESCO) held at Naxos Island he presented a research paper concerning the evolution of tango technique in the last 15 years, showing the way tango follows ballet’s history of structured development, identifying and organizing its bases.

Diego taught for four years at Eleftheriu Kordeliu Municipality of Thessaloniki, having the chance to work with groups of people at regular lessons for 8 months a year, taking them from cero to an advanced level. 

In 2006 he was selected again for a second TV add, this time for  the Shoe Company “Elite”, dancing tango. Watch

During 2005 and 2006 he was regularly invited to local TV shows to talk about Argentine Tango. During this period he also wrote several articles on tango technique for the dance magazine “DANCE WITH ME” of Athens. Since 2006 Diego taught and performed in Estonia five times. 2010

In 2007 he started presenting his work with Evi Anesti, his present dance partener, in different theathers of the city.

In 2008 Evi & Diego were invited to perform together with the string cuartet and bandoneon at the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki, in a tribute to Argentine tango music. Watch

The same year together with Evi Anesti they got the first place at the First Athens Interamerican dance competition, in the category “Stage tango”.

In 2009 Evi & Diego taught and performed in Crete in two occasions, they performed at three municipal theaters in and around Thessaloniki.

In 2010 Evi & Diego taught and performed at Spittelberg theater in Vienna, Austria. The same year they were hired to perform at “La viruta” milonga in Buenos Aires.

In 2011 Evi & Diego toured four Estonian theathers together with the orchestra of Villu Veski & Tiit Kaluste.

That same year they performed at Istanbul Tango week. Watch

Later they travelled to Buenos Aires and were invited to perform in 7 milongas (La ideal, Milonga 10, La nacional, Yira yira, Si tango). Watch

In 2012 Evi & Diego taught and performed at Cretango festival in Crete Island and again at Spittelberg theater in Vienna, Austria, in August Watch.

In September they performed at the Gran Milonga of Thessaloniki. Watch

During November and December they taught and performed in several milongas in Buenos Aires (Yira yira, Milonga 10, La Friulana, La pipetuá). Watch

In 2013 Evi & Diego taught and performed at Cretango festival in Crete Island for the second consecutive time, at Xania in February and later that year at Yira yira milonga in Buenos Aires. Watch Watch

In 2014 Evi & Diego performed in Buenos Aires at Canning (parakultural) Watch, Milonga 10, La bendita milonga Watch and La pipetuá Watch. They also taught and performed at Cretango festival in Crete Island for a third consecutive time Watch Watch. They also visited Chania and Rethimno in Creta, and they took part in “Retango Weekend Festival” in Rethimno. Furthemore, that year they taught and performed in Rome, Italy, and in Vienna, Austria, at Spittelberg theater. Later, they participated in the musical “Dorian Gray” which took place at the Regency Casino of Thessaloniki, and at the Acropolis Tango Festival, which was held in Thessaloniki at Mylos Club. At the end of that year, they went once again to Buenos Aires and performed at the milonga Cachivacheria with the Quinteto Cachivache.

In 2015, they taught at the milonga “La Inclusiva” (Villa Malcom) and also performed at Yira Yira, La Bendita, La Maldita and La Catedral.

Coming from a family of teachers and professors, from a young age he understood the importance of proper learning processes. This understanding together with his love for helping others to achieve what they thought they couldn’t has established him as a respected tango educator in Greece.

He has taught around 8000 hours of group lessons and more than 5000 hours of private lessons already (Argentina, Greece, Estonia, Austria, Skopje, Finland and Turkey).

He is an Argentine Red Cross Lifeguard, has studies in Electronic Engineering at UTN (National Technological University) and in the Industrial Design field at UBA (University of Buenos Aires).

“Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost..”

Pina Bausch


Amazing Team

  • Diego Mastrángelo
    Diego Mastrángelo Tango Instructor
  • Evi Anesti
    Evi Anesti Tango & classical ballet Instructor (εξωτερικός συνεργάτης)

    Evi Anesti was born in Thessaloniki. From a young age she attended to classical ballet and modern dance lessons. She holds a classical ballet teacher’s degree from the Professional Dance School of Thessaloniki’s Municipality. She has attended classical ballet seminars by Rudy Brians (france) and Monica Souto (argentine) among others. In 2006 she started taking tango lessons with Diego Mastrángelo (argentine) and soon became his dance partner. She has also taken tango lessons with Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli and Lucia Mazer, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa among others.
    In 2008 she was awarded “Best female dancer” of the “First Athens Inter American Dance Competition” for her participation in Stage tango. She has been performing locally and internationally together with Diego Mastrángelo since 2007.
    She holds an Accounting and Finance degree from the Macedonia University of Thessaloniki.

    τηλ. επικοινωνίας: 0030 6946797696